Mystic Management


July, 2011

As featured in The University of Rochester, Meloria Moments. Comments included the following:

Thank you for participating in the Meliora Moments project and taking the time to write and share your “moment”. Your personal story is an essential part of the University of Rochester’s story, and exactly what we were hoping to capture. As you know, Meliora is not just our University’s motto, it’s an ethic that we share as a community, a way of life that unites us in a common bond and a powerful description of who we are and what we value. We envision receiving an eclectic collection of Meliora Moments—where hundreds or even thousands of members of the Rochester community share a time when they were encouraged or inspired to be “ever better”. Again, your story fit in perfectly with our project goals.

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What is Meliora?

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John P. Cicero, ’66

Alumnus – Arts, Sciences and Engineering


When I finished my doctorate I promised myself I would never write a textbook. Yet I felt I should share my feelings and experiences. My Meliora Moment took shape when I sat at the computer and began to write The Mystic Manager, a book that blends fact and fantasy. I had no outline, just a feeling. Once completed The Mystic Manager presented a unique approach to the development of positive corporate culture. The building blocks for this culture are creativity, empowerment, generosity, kindness, integrity, and sensitivity. The Mystic Manager combines solid management theory and a highly developed sense of community and ethical behavior within an exciting story. My true Meliora Moment rests with the belief that the essence of The Mystic Manager resides in the collective unconscious and calls for “prophets not profits.” Whether anyone ever reads the manuscript is secondary to the fact that it exists.

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FALL 2001

As featured in: SU Management, Syracuse University School of Management, Alumni Portfolio, p.44, Fall 2001. The Eyespell Experiment was the precursor to The Mystic Manager. An interesting aspect of the article was the fact the Eyespell was publish on demand through i-Universe. In 2001 this was a fairly new concept. Today it may very well be the future of publishing.