Mystic Management

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Cover of Mystic Manager         eyespell cover
Cover art for The Mystic Manager (© 2010) and The Eyespell Experiment (© 2001)
earth from space
Earth from space - Planetaryvision. "She saw the colors of America come into focus as her vision expanded beyond the borders of a manifest
destiny. She saw the colors of America in an instantaneous panorama as she looked to the sky from the Earth. . . .
And in the real world, a man looked to the Earth from the sky and he saw the colors of the whole Earth in an instantaneous panorama from outer space (The Eyespell Experiment pp.168-169)." Picture courtesy of NASA.
Eyespell might look something like the Planet Tatooine from Star Wars. While Tatooine is a barely inhabitable planet, Eyespell is quite the opposite. Like Eyespell, however, Tatooine has two suns. "A glimpse of Eyespell from space was, in and of itself, mystical and compelling (The Mystic Manager p.244)." See
black hole
The Domeshodar is a black hole similar to the one pictured above. "The Elders, taking Nancy's essence with them, moved out-of-body to the farthest reaches of the Pinar Galaxy. They came to rest on the outermost edge of the Domeshodar, a menacing black hole. Legend had it that the ancient Eyespellians, in the time of creation of the light-skew cast out all evil, throwing it into this galactic hole (The Mystic Manager p.235)." Picture courtesy of NASA.
points of light
Points of light. "As you know, through the red-light-corridor of Energy, the five Eyespellians were transformed into light energy and sent to Earth to be born. Our travelers arrived on the Earth as points of red light (The Mystic Manager p.217). See
Pinar galaxy
The Pinar Galaxy might look something like this. Pinar is a spiral galaxy and the planet Eyespell lies at its edge. "Eyespell is located at the fringe of the Pinar Galaxy in a small solar system with only two sister planets, both uninhabited. . . .  Our planet’s most unusual characteristic is its configuration of two suns and four moons. (The Mystic Manager p.135)." Picture courtesy of NASA.
laser light show
The opening of the Full Round would look like this light show only even more dramatic. "With the final word of the meditation, a magnificent color ray emanating from each of the six Elders’ crystals burst into “flame,” merged in the high reaches of the amphitheater, and created a light show inside the dome. The fabric of the dome and the surrounding structures amplified the intensity of the colors until the surface of the planet surrounding Elasia was ablaze with Eyespellian rainbows (The Mystic Manager p.185)." See